KJ Burk | CEO - Mentor - Entrepreneur - Artist - Author - Pastor - Keynote Speaker - Advocate for Autism Awareness

Inspirational & Motivational Speaker

Business Growth Consultant

Life Coach & Mentor

“You are never old, so long as your dreams have not yet become regrets” ~ KJ Burk

KJ Burk - Inspirational & Motivational Speaker | Business Coach | Life Coach

Business Coach

KJ has successfully launched, nurtured and sold several of her own businesses, not to mention numerous companies that she has assisted to improve their overall business health.

Professional Business Coaching Services

KJ still has very limited space available to accept new business clients for 2021. Please contact us if you want to learn the secrets behind every successful business entrepreneur.
KJ Burk ~ Creative Automated Marketing Strategist

Creative Marketing Strategist

KJ has remained at the cutting-edge of online marketing for nearly three decades. Her skills in marketing create profitable results.

Automated Marketing Made Easy

KJ takes the guess work out of online marketing success. Learn how to magically increase your revenue day after day.
KJsArtStudio.com | Cherry Blossoms on Cliff ~ Original Painting by Fine Artist, KJ Burk

Internationally Awarded Fine Artist

KJ's natural talents as a fine artist have been acknowledged with top honors at art shows since she first appeared on the art scene in NYC in the late 1970's. Her art can be found in private and commercial collections, as well as select fine art galleries.

Fine Art by KJ Burk

KJ's art is a rare treasure. Many paintings by KJ are never reproduced into prints as most artists have succumbed to doing in an effort to earn a living as an artist. Furthermore, many of KJ's paintings are only available for viewing in live galleries and not displayed on the Internet where digital versions are easily reproduced by copyright thieves.
VISIT KJ's Art Studio
KJ Burk ~ Advocate for Autism Awareness

Advocate for Autism Awareness

Having a non-verbal autistic son herself, KJ is a strong advocate for Autism Awareness, Neurological Research and Specialized Education for Children with Autism.

Find Out More About Autism

Check out KJ's Facebook Community Page to learn more about Autism.

More about KJ Burk…

KJ Burk
Christian Business Leaders


KJ Burk co-founded Christian Business Leaders with her husband, Delmer Burk in an effort to provide a sound board for like-minded Christian business owners to discuss and share best business practices for financial growth while still maintaining Christian principles. (going LIVE in Summer 2023!) 

Dr. KJ Burk
Co-Founder & Pastor
Divine Waters Church

Church | DivineWaters.org
Academy | DivineWatersAcademy.org
Shop | ChristianBooksAndGifts.org

KJ possess Doctorates in Divine Studies, Theology, Church Administration & Christian Counseling.

KJ Burk - Vice President | Big Deal PC - Highend Custom PC Builds

KJ Burk
Vice President 
Big Deal PC

In the market for a new PC, but cannot locate exactly what you need in a big box store. Here’s where KJ utilizes her computer science skills to build custom designed systems to meet specific needs.
(online ordering going LIVE in June 2023!) 

Highend Custom Built Computer Systems: 
        • Gaming 
        • Graphic Illustrators
        • Photo Editing
        • Video Production & Editing
        • Software Developers 
        • Plus More!

KJ Burk
President (retired)
Divine Digital Media

DDM is a division of Camelot Enterprises, LLC which focuses on serving Christian-owned Businesses, Organizations and Churches. 

KJ Burk uses her skills and 25+ years of expertise to lead a team of dedicated like-minded Christian entrepreneurs to develop and design functional websites and proven online marketing automation systems that increase congregation growth and member retention, thus resulting in increased revenue through faithful tithing. 

Today, DDM is led by KJ’s talented daughter, Bridget-Kaye Burk, who has introduced the following professional services for DDM clients:

  • Product Photography
  • Video Creation & Editing
  • Aerial Photography & Video
  • Broadcasting 
  • Channel Management
  • plus more!


KJ Burk
CEO (retired)
Camelot Enterprises, LLC

BA Business Marketing
BS Computer Science

KJ Burk is the founder of Camelot Enterprises which was established in 1994 as a website design firm which shortly thereafter added hosting services. The company grew quickly and became an LLC with KJ Burk as CEO in 1997. Under the direction of KJ Burk the company grew to service over 40K clients worldwide by 2007. In 2011 the entire client base outside of the USA was sold to allow Camelot Enterprises, LLC to return its focus on American based businesses. Today Camelot Enterprises, LLC provides professional business consulting, marketing and online services primarily to businesses and individuals in the Midwest region of the United States. 

“I am a business executive and computer scientist by design,
but a free-spirited artist by nature.” ~ KJ Burk

KJ Burk

Diving right into Artificial Intelligence, KJ is currently developing a one-stop portal to assist business marketers and creators. The site is being designed to encourage creators and business executives alike to embrace the use of AI applications as tools to improve workflow and growth of their company. 

Launch Date scheduled for June 1st, 2023

KJ Burk
Fine Artist
KJ’s Art Studio, LLC

You can find out more about KJ’s creative talents and get a “behind the scene peek” into her studio at KJsArtStudio.com.

Many original pieces never before displayed in art galleries are available directly at KJ’s Art Studio.

Be sure to LIKE and FOLLOW KJ’s Facebook Art Page.

Prints, Stationary, Apparel, Gifts & Home Decor items featuring art created by KJ Burk can be found at
Fine Art America

“I aim to inspire others to obtain utopia within themselves.” ~ KJ Burk

KJ Burk
Ozarks Art Center & Gallery

Curator | Ozarks Art Gallery
Director | Ozarks Art Center
President | Ozarks Artists Guild

Promoting the talents of accomplished fine artists from around the world with a heavy focus on new emerging artisans living in the Ozarks region of Missouri and Arkansas. Classes, Private Lessons and FREE Demonstrations are also available. 

Gallery is open by appointment only. 

Private showings available at the following times: 

          • Friday: 6pm – 9pm 
          • Saturday: 8am – 9pm

Motivational & Inspirational Speaker

Booking Now for 2024 

KJ shares her life experience as a successful business executive, mother of a non-verbal autistic child, Native American Christian background, and fine art creativity to motive and inspire others through speaking engagements and life coach training. 

KJ Burk - Inspirational & Motivational Speaker | Business Coach | Life Coach

KJ Burk is also available on a limited basis for exclusive one-on-one training and consultation sessions.

Contact KJ’s office to learn more!

Thank you for taking the time to view my website and learn more about me. Feel free to connect with me via Social Media using the links below. Have a glorious day!

KJ Burk | Grand Prix Equestrian & Professional Trainer
KJ Burk | Professional Inspirational & Motivational Speaker | CEO at Camelot Enterprises, LLC | Owner of Ozarks Art Center & Gallery | Fine Artist & Art Instructor
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