KJ Burk | CEO - Mentor - Entrepreneur - Artist - Author - Pastor - Keynote Speaker - Advocate for Autism Awareness

Effective Marketing requires AUTOMATION! There is no way around this in today’s world of instant access demands. Whether you produce and sell physical products, or are in the service industry, you must AUTOMATE to be successful and profitable. 

Just as the human brain automates the necessary actions to keep you alive… i.e. breathing, while focusing on tasks at hand, you too must automate repetitive functions within your business to free up your time to focus on more detailed aspects of your business to increase revenue. 

As a Certified Partner with InfusionSoft, KJ Burk has applied her skills as a computer scientist and extensive knowledge of business marketing to significantly increase revenue by an average of 700% for businesses over the past 20+ years. 

Brain GIF | Effective Marketing Requires Automation